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2017 tapped hole errors-hole wizard issue

Question asked by Robert Pliskat on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by Robert Pliskat

Hi Everyone,

     I just loaded up 2017 sp4 last week. I've been working on a new tool and encountered an error inserting a 10-32 tapped hole. Everything works as normal but when I hit the checkmark to finish the install I get an error saying " please enter a # between .0004 and 3970" and must cancel out of the process. I've gone thru all of the options, tried all possible variations. 1 time it actually crashed SW. A few times I was able to close SW and reopen it and complete the tapped hole insertion without a problem. That has ended and I now am stuck. In the beginning of the job, this would happen about 5% of the time. It has gradually increased over the last week and is now happening with other sized tapped holes as well.

     When I first started with 2017, it would ask me if I wanted to "remember" hole settings or go back to default each time I inserted a hole from the hole wizard. That is not happening anymore either. I think it is "remembering" the errored hole and I can not insert a 10-32 or a 8-32 tapped hole. in some models. This happens in an assembly or in an individual part. Again, it doesn't happen with every part, just on random parts.

     Any help would be appreciated

Thank you