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Solidworks 2017 EPDM and McAfee Enterprise

Question asked by Nitish Jha on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by Barry Cavanaugh

We are facing issues with the Solidworks 2017 EPDM SP 3.0 and McAfee Host Intrusion Protection 8.0 system. The user is able to login into the pdm but the moment he tries opening a file the "Getting Latest Version" window appears and hangs. Disabling McAfee Host Intrusion Protection fixes the issue. We have tried adding EDMServer to the  exception list but this doesn't seem to make a difference. I wanted to know if anyone else is running McAfee enterprise and if there is workaround ?


Host information: Windows 10 x64

Solidworks 2017 SP3.0

EPDM 2017