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Graphics Distortion in Composer (scary sharp looking death blender thingy)

Question asked by Jake Deslandes on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by Dirk Rautenberg



I opened Composer this morning and pull up an animation I was working on yesterday, the model loads as it should but then WHAM. I notice that certain actors are distorted. I close the file and re-open it, same result. Restart Composer, same result. Restart PC, same result. Run RX, update driver as requested, same result. Tried deleting actors and re inserting them, same result. Same problem with other .smg files too. Does anybody know whats happening?? Solidworks is running just fine, the images beow which have lots of sharp triangular shapes are from composer, compared to the images of what they should look like (taken from solidworks).


Please let me know your thoughts, thank you!