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Driven dimensions in equations.

Question asked by Kiri Skookum on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by Jack Brooker

This is puzzling me- I can't even sort a work around whilst keeping it parametric.

The models seem to be stable and works.

But there is an annoying yellow warning message.


And at one time I saw this message. "a driven or reference dimension is not selectable as the
dependent variable of the equation"---But I thought this was the point of Solidworks.!!!!!


The attachement shows a sketch in the assembly environment-

The assembly so far is only of two parts

1) a frame and

2) one leg -----that I need to have multiple copies of.--

- So I created a sketch so that I can position the legs with a sketch driven pattern.



The grey dimensions are reference dimensions measured from the part where it has been split for joints in the steel work.

The other dimensions are equation driven dimensions based on a fraction of the grey dimensions.


What am I doing wrong?- And if there is a fundamental flaw in my logic could you please tell me how you would have done it.

I would love to see the harmony of an all black feature tree.


Cheers Kiri