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Callouts : Show only certain part of a meta-property as text of callouts

Question asked by Gsr Gsr on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by Dirk Rautenberg

Hi guys,


Whenever creating illustrations with callouts the BOM-IDs that are shown are not correct compared to an other source of information that I'm using. In the "Instance Name"-meta-property of the parts, the correct position number is available. So of course, I could use that meta-property instead as callout text.


Here is my problem:  in front of that correct number in the "Instance Name"-meta-property there's some text that I need to remove. I've attached an image to make it a little bit more clear: in the red box the text of the callout is currently "Meta.InstanceName". I would like to only show the last number(s) of that meta-property. So "88694 pos 08" should be "8" or maybe even "08".


How can I adjust the text of the callout so I refer to the meta-property BUT with some certain parts removed? My suggestion would be to maybe use a text string similar to the formula you would use in Microsoft Excel: =right(A2, 2). But "A2" would be "InstanceName" in this case. That doesn't work tho.


Any suggestions?


Note: I need to apply this to a lot of illustrations and callouts so manually adjusting them isn't an option.