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Best way to manage a project with multiply configs & revisions

Question asked by Lukasz Stanislawski on Sep 8, 2017


This is question about management of files, configurations and revisions (new issues). I DON'T HAVE PDM just standard SW licence.

Let's crack on!

I have an assembly model with few configurations. Let's call this model EPC in revision1 (lets call it "EPC_rev1" for short). It is a motorbike with 3 different configurations.

EPC_rev1  Configs:

- Standard

- Big wheels

- Double seat


Problem: Seat got updated and I would like to keep my model up to date. I have to options: add configuration with new seat or change existing config by replacing the seat. In second scenario I'm losing old configuration which I would like to keep.


What I want to achieve?

I want to keep the record of revisions by adding info about revisions and changes.


- Standard_rev1

- Big wheels_rev1

- Double seat_rev1



This can be easily achieved by having multiply assembly files: EPC_double seat_rev1 -> update -> EPC_double seat_rev2 (new suspension springs added).

I wouldn't have any configurations then but It will generate loads of files.



Keep configurations but instead of updating each of them just keep adding new.


- standard_rev1

- standard_rev2

- double seat_rev1

- double seat_rev2 (new suspension springs added)





I'm not sure how should I tackle this. One product with multiply configurations where each config can be updated and modified. I would like to keep the record of old versions so I know what was changed and why (ECR/ECN process will be held in place). PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE


I need to manage my files and assemblies in a proper manner otherwise I will be lost in files. Currently I have around 1000 assemblies with 10k parts used. I need some methods to tame it.