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    Any Recommended Settings for VR Render?

    Mark Jackson

      I’m assuming the browser loads all the images in the background to try to make moving around the model as smooth as possible. If this is correct, is there a recommendation as to how many orbits, and images per orbit, to get good performance in the browser and also smooth movement around the model?


      My initial testing is all from local folders on the same machine running the browser, so that’s not a good indication to what performance over the internet will be like.

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          Brian Hillner

          Hi Mark - welcome to the Visualize Community!


          I typically use these settings for VR (Interactive Image) render. I've found they strike a good balance between interactivity with the model and render time.


          Orbits = 5

          Images per Orbit = 16

          Start Angle = 0

          End Angle = 70


          5x16 = 80, so these render settings will produce 80 images stitched together. If this takes too long on your machine, decrease the Orbits to 4 and Images per Orbit to 12 - resulting in 48 images.


          Happy rendering!


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              Mark Jackson

              Thanks very much for the answer Brian. I was doing 16 orbits and 32 images per orbit. My workstation was rendering that out in about 4 1/2 hours. I bumped up to 32 orbits and 64 images this morning. The machine should be done with it tonight.


              I wanted to get smoother movement in the browser than what it is even at 16 orbits & 32 images on a local machine. Then I started wondering what kind of internet performance issues I might be creating with that many single images, that also probably load in the background when the page would be opened. I guess ultimately I'll have create a test site on Adobe Business Catalyst and test out the internet performance.