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    surface help for a nube

    perry leets
      I'm still a bit new to solidworks and a bit daunted by surfacing in general.
      I have a surface here which refuses to thicken. Solidworks isn't terrribly helpful
      when it just says "sorry Bud, cant thicken part". It gives me no clue why.
      Its a very simple surface. I would certainly appreciate it if someone more experienced could look at it and perhaps tell me what I have done wrong.
      I plan to get Matt's books ASAP and look forward to it, but an immediate need
      has arisen at work so I need to do some simple surfaces NOW!
      Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, thanks
        • surface help for a nube
          Charles Culp
          It depends on the thickness you need. I was able to get it to thicken at .5mm, but I had to trim off the very tip of the surface. I would upload the file, but I am running SW2009, and you wouldn't be able to open it.

          The reason you can't thicken is because the curvature is smaller than the thickness of the material. Thus, it would "thicken back into itself", which SW can't figure out.

          There are two things you can do to troubleshoot. First, change the thickness parameter until it is small enough that the thicken command will work. Then it is often easier to find the area that is causing the problem.

          Another way to find the trouble area is to turn on View>Display>Curvature (I believe, it moved depending on which version of SW you are using). Then look for any areas of sharp curvature. You will want to smooth out these areas, and they will have to have a radius of curvature that is larger than your thickness. Another way to find the smallest curvature is with Tools>Check. From there make sure to select "Check for: Minimum radius of curvature".
          • surface help for a nube
            Matt Lombard
            Do you really want a pointy point at the end of the part? Edit the definition of the loft, expand the Start/End constraints panel, and assign Normal to Profile to the start constraint. This actually rounds out the point, and makes it thickenable without trimming anything away (2mm+ to the outside, 1mm to the inside).

            You might check out my blog too. We're doing some little surfacing challenges over there, and I've got a book available for SW surfacing.
              • surface help for a nube
                perry leets
                Ironically, 0.5mm was the target thickness I was going for.
                I did suspect that the using the point entity as the origin for the surface
                was the problem. And, yes, I did want it pretty "pointy" at the end, hence
                using the point as origin. It doesn't need to be needle sharp though, so
                I thought I would get rid of the point and just put a very small arc in its place
                and then just close the end with a planar face.
                Excellent tips Charles & Matt. Thank you, this should get me going again!
                BTW, Im using SW8