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    How do I get two parts to stick together and not move?

    Meghan Nolin

      I'm new to SW and I'm trying to make a fairly simple design. A rectangle of one material with a square of another material in its center. I'm then going to use the Add-in to pull on one side and show the strain across the assembly. I have all of this figured out except how to get the center square to stay put in the hole I've made for it. I tried mating but I feel like that just places one part into the other instead of truly bonding them. If I do this in one part instead of an assembly, I can't get the two sections to extrude different heights. The center needs to be 0.050mm higher than the rest of the part. I've attached a photo and the assembly. If I haven't explained this well, please let me know!

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          Iain McEwen

          Hi Meghan,


          Mate them into position in the assembly so they fit together as you want. Then when you go to run your simulation you use a bonded contact. This will then act as though the connecting faces are truly bonded together as you want.

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            Jack Brooker

            Unfortunately with two parts, mating is probably the only way you can get them to actually fit together. Mating both of them until they're fully defined is the best way to do that, and that'd be possible through mating their individual planes together. The simulation will still work this way, although I realise it isn't what you wanted


            Doing it as one part is probably the way you're looking for, and it is actually possible to do it the way you want to, you'd just have to do two operations (Boss-Extrude) instead of one. If the base of the centre also needs to be 0.05mm higher, you can set "offset" in the "from" section of second extrude


            Hope that actually helps, I can't open your Assembly because I'm currently running 2016, but it also seems that you didn't include the parts which the assembly references either