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Suddenly no way to buy student version again in 2017

Question asked by E. Chuck on Sep 7, 2017

I have been buying and using Student version for the last 5 yrs but had my order rejected just now despite showing proof of validity.


I live in Singapore but have been studying in the UK. For a Singapore billing/shipping address, the correct store is apparently in the US (Studica), yet for the first time, because my school is in the UK (and has been the all the past years), Studica decided to reject my order and refer me to order from a UK reseller. Yet, ordering from a UK store with a Singapore billing/shipping address flags up a warning that I should use the US store. Somehow, someone has done something to the rules this year. It is not uncommon for students to study in one country but live in another, yet this is not catered for in the use case for Solidworks.


Can someone from Solidworks or Dassault Systems please suggest how I could buy another year's licence? This is frustrating, especially when my school has given up on SW in favour of products from your competitors (note plural) some year ago and I could have had them for free, yet I have been spending my own money buying my own SW student version and would have been prepared to do so again this year. Somehow SW is making me abandon it for good. So frustrating and upsetting.