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    import property in drawing

    D. chorosy

      When I design parts, I set the configuration properties so the BOM will read the configuration name or "user specified name".

      I would like to know if there is a possibility to read the "user specified name" from the drawing. I tried several commands but had no success.
        • import property in drawing
          Charles Culp
          There is no way to access this information directly, except through the automated BOM.

          What most people do when they want to get that information is use a custom property for the part number. If you use design tables, they can be linked together in the design table.
          • import property in drawing
            D. chorosy
            ok I see but I usually use the configuration name as the drawing number but it is only for 1 or 2 parts I have a problem with.
            Normally I create a part and if I update it I make a new configuration name with a revision letter.
            However for few parts I have several configurations but they all are the same like a unique spring in several compression states. Ideally I would like the same configuration name for all of them but this is not possible so I use "user specify" which is fine for the BOM but not for my drawing.

            Moreover, another thing I noticed today is if I use weldments profiles (structural members) there are 2 configurations created for each part (as machined and as welded) and this "as ..." is also displayed when I call for the configuration name on my drawing. Is there a way to avoid that?