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"Hide All Types" Eyeball Toggle is too big

Question asked by Andy Sanders on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by Dan Pihlaja

This has been driving me nuts lately.  Solidworks 2017 SP4

The "eyeball" toggle button in the heads-up view toolbar is way too big.  I hit it too many times on accident.


I get into the little "down arrow" section to change individual items 99% of the time but it's real estate on this tool button is tiny


But the eyeball section, which turns EVERYTHING on and off is the majority of the button space.


I'd like it to be the reverse.  It is much more useful to change individual items rather than all or nothing.


Is there a flyout toolbar that gives me all the individual toggles I can place here instead of the eyeball/down arrow combo button?


on off visibility.jpg