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I made a 3 part assembly and saved it as a part and now I have issues.......

Question asked by Dave Bear on Sep 6, 2017
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Hi guys,

I've recently just made all of the spark plug leads for my V12 engine. The process was as follows. I made a "Lead End" that was suited for the distributor cap and another "Lead End" that was suited for the spark plug and then saved these both as individual parts. What I would do next is install one of each of these in their respective positions on my main assembly, take some dimensions, and then make the actual 'lead part' (connecting the two) with a series of splines and save that as a part.

Next I would create a new assembly, add my "Lead Ends" to the newly create sweep and then save it as a part rather than an assembly. Afterall, if you buy ignition leads they are a part usually sold in sets!


Now, given that I had 13 of these to do (including the coil lead) and also that they intertwined and ran all over the joint and at different angles, I decided in my wisdom to make the original "Lead Ends" yellow so that they were easy to mate and easy to attain the correct running angles as opposed to matt black rubber which they normally are and which I now intend to change them to.................... That's the issue!


After I completed all 13 leads, I thought I could just go and change the "Lead End" appearance to 'Matte Black" rubber and then all my parts would update..... WRONG!!!!

The "Lead Ends" are changed as individual parts, no problem, but the complete lead part is still all yellow even though in the appearances column they show black?

I can't even find a simple way to change it within the complete lead part, it stays yellow. The only way I can seem to make a difference is to edit the lead ends face by face (which is nonsense).

Is this something to do with Display States that I'm missing?????


The parts are attached for one of the mid-sized leads.

Part # "X2A - HT Lead 2 Complete" is the part created from an assembly of the 3 other parts in the zip.


Best regards,