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Transferring licenses between hardware regularly (including PDM standard)

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2017 by Ryan Dark

I have three licenses of solidworks professional.

We have some students here temporarily, and a retired guy who works for us only on occasion.

Currently these people are hot seating on the third desk, sharing the same PC and licence for solidworks.

Currently they can each have their own identity in workgroup PDM (I seem to be able to have many users in workgroup PDM, all but three of which are "sleepers" at any one time)- this might not be true for PDM standard?


I'm thinking it might work better to have an extra set (or sets) of hardware, and to transfer the licence, (or any one of our three licences) as needed. Particularly as I identified some pretty powerful and economic reconditioned workstations - and that third PC is on its last legs and needs replacing anyway.


This raises some questions:

Is it OK to release licenses and keep allocating them to different hardware regularly, perhaps even more than once a day?

I hope the answer to that is "probably" as I expect some users are releasing their license to their laptop almost every weekend...

but  I fear I'm encroaching on territory where they might want me to make a considerable investment in "floating" licences.


The second question is:

Can I have more users on PDM standard than I have solidworks licenses? All but three users would be "sleeping" so that the items they have checked out etc stay checked out when they don't have access to a license?

Or am I limited to three logins with my three solidworks seats? So those part time users would need to share an identity in PDM?