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    Charitable Donations

    Todd Blacksher

      Good Morning Everyone,


      Who gets your charitable donations?

      What charities do you think could use some help?

      I know Rick's consulting firm and John's water cooler could probably use some funding.


      For the last several years, our primary donations have been to the United Way.

      (I can do this directly from my paycheck at work, so it is convenient.)


      We have also donated to several others that we learned about through the SOLIDWORKS community:

      Pan Mass Challenge – http://www.pmc.org/

      Erica Leafquist Fund - http://www.ericaleafquist.org/

      Wayne Tiffany - http://blogs.solidworks.com/solidworksblog/2012/09/wt.html


      We are currently evaluating our plans for our 2018 donations, and looking for some feedback.