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    Edrawings Viewer Licensing Citrix XenApp

    Clint Hagen

      I have several users who need to be able to view drawings supplied by customers.  I am attempting to install the Edrawings in a Citrix XenApp environment for the users.  If the user signs into a different machine, they are prompted to fill out a new product registration.  Is there a way to register the user on multiple machines with one registration?

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          Andrew Im

          I do not have the exact fix you are looking for but this is what I do.

          It seems that each server has a unique machine ID and requires its own verification code.

          After the installation you will have to register each server that's going to host the application by requesting verification code from 3DS.

          I inject the following entries into the registry (HKCU) using GPP

          Software\eDrawings\e2018\General   REG_DWORD Activated  1

          Software\eDrawings\Registration   REG_SZ  Address1  (whatever address you supplied when registering, should be in your XML file)

          Software\eDrawings\Registration   REG_SZ  City  (same as above)

          Software\eDrawings\Registration   REG_SZ  CompanyName (same above)

          Software\eDrawings\Registration   REG_SZ  Country  (same as above)

          Software\eDrawings\Registration   REG_SZ   Email  (same as above)

          Software\eDrawings\Registration   REG_SZ   First Name  (same as above)

          Software\eDrawings\Registration   REG_SZ   Last Name  (same as above)

          Software\eDrawings\Registration   REG_SZ    Phone  (same as above)

          Software\eDrawings\e2018\General   REG_DWORD   Update  (whatever you selected, for me I selected 0)

          Software\eDrawings\Registration   REG_DWORD  Use   (same as above, I selected 0)

          Software\eDrawings\Registration   REG_SZ   VerificationCode (you will have unique one for each server)

          Software\eDrawings\Registration   REG_SZ   Zip  (your zip code)


          For VerificationCode I targeted just a single server as each will have a unique one.

          The other entries can target multiple servers provided that exact same info was used to register.