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    Flat Pattern will not appear in the drawing

    Jody Holm

      I want to pull the flat pattern of a sheet metal part into my drawing. The part flattens fine in the model when selecting the flat pattern icon.

      When I create the drawing and want to pull in the flat pattern view, it comes in folded. It is also shown folded in the view palette, which is not normal.

      I've done this hundreds of times without issue. Here is the part. Thanks

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          Dennis Bacon

          Jody,,, go to your part file and double click on the DefaultSM-FLAT-PATTERN config. The use the sheet metal Flatten tool. Then double click on the Default config. Now when you go back to your drawing it should be good. Looks like you accidentally "unflattened" while in the DefaultSM-FLAT-PATTERN config. You may have to do a rebuild in your drawing

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              Jody Holm

              That, along with some random suppressing and un-suppressing in the model tree got me there.

              Thanks Dennis!

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                  Dan Schleicher


                          If this ever happens. Go to the view in the drawing and open the part from the view. It will show you want you have to work with. then you can go to the tree to see what parts are suppressed.

                          Number one rule. You do get a flat pattern until you insert the "flat patterern" into the drawing. It will show up in your configuration then. Technically you do not need the drawing. But save the part.

                         The problem I have seen is someone has the professional pdm vault. The part model is not checked out. The start a drawing for the part model. They insert the part model using flat pattern. The save the drawing. When they come back to the drawing the flat pattern in folded back up. This is because you no longer have the configuration. You must check out the part model so you can save the model and the drawing.