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From ECAD through Circuitwork to Solidworks

Discussion created by Joop Sleumer on Jan 16, 2009
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I'm working at a company where we make powersupplies (
Our Electronic designers use a ECAD program called Eagle 4.16R2 ( The mechenical designer (me) is using Solidworks.

Since a few months i'm trying to get export in IDF format from Eagle to Circuitworks. At this moment I can get the board imported in Circuitworks, componets are not reconized yet.

Now my questions:
- are there more of you using Eagle an Solidworks, if Yes does it work for you
- is it possible to connect the Electronical database to the Mechenical database
- is there more documantation or is there a tutorial for circuitworks. Till this moment I didn't found a course/education yet

- If you are using an other ECAD program but you are using circuitworks does it work fine for you or did you have to change/ program a lot.

I hope to start a discussion so there will be more and better use of Circuitworks

With regards,

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