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Small functional "laptop" for engineering manager...Think Surface Book

Question asked by Brian Hoerner on Sep 5, 2017
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     I have an engineering manager that is downgrading his role as far as CAD Development goes.  He will still do some, but not a great deal, yet he wants to maintain some level of usability of SolidWorks on a smaller scale laptop, like the Surface Book size and capabilities.


     This is a difficult search to hone down, from my stand point, to give a good answer to.  One issue on these smaller "laptops" is the 4k aspect that SW does not deal well with.  I have  been testing on a Surface Pro, with not so acceptable results, but can work around some of the issues.


     Has anyone been using SW on a Surface Book with acceptable results?  Nay other choices being used, like the YogaP40?


Any thoughts would be appreciated, this is turning into a vicious circle on what is real vs what is said can be done.




Update, Thanks for the feedback, appreciated, much as i had thought as well.  Once we go forward i will try to remember to update what we did and how it went.


Surface Book is the idea, but not the answer, especially with 4K issues with SolidWorks.