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BOM exploding upon update

Question asked by Ej Miller on Sep 5, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by Solid Air

Hi Everyone,


First time poster, long time user.


I'm having problems with the BOM in my drawings. I've clicked on the show/hide row column feature and I hide a bunch of parts I don't want to include in the BOM in the drawing. However, every so often(i'm not sure why, but it might be linked to updating or rebuilding the assembly, and usually happens when I reopen the drawing) the BOM explodes out to it's original size, and no longer hides the parts I don't want to include. You can see in the picture below, how it overlaps the rest of the parts, when I had hid enough parts so that it wasn't doing that before:

Is this a bug? or has anyone else experienced this before? I'd love some help, because it is a huge pain to have to go hide all the unwanted parts and make sure to include all the right parts.


Thanks in advance for your help!