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Equilibrium in Motion Study

Question asked by Aysuh Mohanty on Sep 5, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by Aysuh Mohanty

From the attached image it is observed that there is a link attached to a reference body by a pin on one of its end which acts as a revolute pair. The other end of the link is free. The reference is kept on a fixed body which is grounded(named as ground). Now we define gravity to the whole system and attach a rotator motor at that end of the link where pin is attached. Due to net force in x & y direction and torque in z direction, the body is not currently under equilibrium.

Now we attach 2 linear motors (in x and y directions) with the reference body and 1 rotatory motor (with angular components along z direction) with  the reference body with zero displacement condition. This makes the link revolve about the reference (making the reference stay under equilibrium). Now we plot and generate a csv file of data set of forces acting on the body under the action of zero displacement condition of the 2 linear motors and 1 rotatory motor. The same amount of force if we apply to the reference it should ideally stay under equilibrium as was the case earlier.


The body is not under equilibrium and it shows lot of deviation in the form of abrupt rotation and displacement.


How to bring the system in equilibrium i.e. the link rotates about the reference under equilibrium at each time instant?