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Radial restraint causing large displacement

Question asked by Alan Henry on Jan 16, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2009 by 1-BEOVUD
I am trying to simulate a disc spinning in an engine block. The engine block would prevent the disc from expanding radially but using this material (cast iron) it should not expand much anyway.

I have applied a symmetry restraint on one side of the disc and a radial restraint on the outside diameter. This appeared to be the best way to restrain the part but it does not seem to be working the way I thought it would. Using hand calculations I have found that on the outside diameter of the disc the displacement should be around 0.76mm but the analysis is coming up with around 7mm and the stresses are also incorrect.

I have also run the analysis by making one side of the disc conical and adding a restraint to the resulting point. This gives stress and displacement results close to the calculations but this is not really how I want to run the analysis as it creates high stresses when the point is restrained.

Does anyone have any ideas why the radial restraint isn't working like I expected?