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Lock dangling dimensions

Question asked by John Wayman on Sep 5, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by John Wayman

Good afternoon.

Is there a way to lock the value of a dangling dimension, so that I can re-attach it to the required anchor point without having to make a note of its intended value and subsequently adjusting the value back to what I want?


The use case is this:

I have a pattern of holes, created using the hole wizard, that I want to apply to a number of similar surfaces in my model.

The holes are dimensioned from 2 edges to locate them in the original feature.

I select the next face I want the holes applied to and copy (ctrl-C) and paste (ctrl-V) the hole wizard feature. Great! I now have my hole pattern on my new face - BUT - the 2 dimensions to the edges are, understandably, dangling. How could Solidworks know which edges I want to dimension from?

So now, I can select the first dangling dimension and drag its end point (dangly bit) to the edge corresponding to the one in the original feature, then do the same with the second one. All well and good - EXCEPT - the dimension values have now changed to some random value. I therefore have to double-click each of the dimensions in turn and enter the correct dimension.

It would make the workflow much quicker if I could lock the values of the dangling dimensions, so that, when I dragged the dangly bit into its new position, the pattern of holes moved with it.

There is probably a way, I just don't know it.


Suggestions gratefully received, as ever.


SW 2016, SP5

Windows 10 pro.