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How much do the employers care about the solidworks certification?

Question asked by Harry Zhong on Sep 5, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by Todd Blacksher

Hello everyone,

I just acquired the CSWA certificate today, and I wonder if it worth my effort to keep pursuing the CSWP. I do agree that the certification reflects the user's skill at solidworks. I also have some concerns about the certifications because they can be easily cheated. The exam is online exam, and people can easily ask their friends to take the exam for them and put their names on it. Because of this flaw, do employers still care the certification a lot? I think next I will take the CSWA-S exam, because I have taken FEA course and I heard the simulation test is much easier than the modeling test. The CSWP test is very challenging, in my university only about 6 out 80 MME students got this certificate. Half of people did not bother to try it because they haven't even got their CSWA yet. From your guys' experience, does the CSWP open even slightly more doors for mechanical engineering jobs?