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lofting with only guide curves

Question asked by mehrdad keyno on Sep 5, 2017


There is two spline curve  in two different plane , how to make loft with these two cure and without any section profiles

or in another word

how make body with converting one spline curve to another?


from point of mathematician for any given section , curve of section related to the  derivative  value of two spline

spline     .jpg

dH(X,Y) [c]=dF(X,Z)[a]xCos(α) + dG(Y,Z)[b]xSin(α)

derivative value in any given point in section curve “H” related to trigonometry proportion of derivative value in curve “F” & “G”

so it means with two defined spline , the section profile could be defined in any given section , but I don't know who to find the spline function with knowing its spline parameters and how to find the section profile for lofting purpose