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Deformable Aerofoil

Question asked by Martin Brown on Sep 4, 2017
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I started racing this year in a Time Attack style circuit event, I enjoy the engineering behind motorsport as much as the racing.


I initially decided I wanted to make an Active rear Aerofoil that would reduce downforce/drag by the push of a button like F1. but also flip up to act as an air brake when hitting the brakes. I've been informed I'm not allowed such a set up... (Still going to make one to use for other race series)


Now I'm looking at a deformable rear aerofoil that flattens as the speed increases to give less downforce/drag. (I'm not running big power so this would be an advantage to me)
Does solidworks have the functionality to allow me to model an aerofoil and observe the deformation at certain speeds (Mph/Metres per second etc) as well as providing me with how much downforce it's providing?


If not, could you suggest software that would?