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Re-synchronizing external parts/assemblies with PDM standard

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Sep 5, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by Gordon Rigg

I have all my data from before a certain date in PDM standard.

I now a have a collection of assemblies and files that have changed in WGPDM since that date, and I need to put this updated stuff into PDM standard.

The problem is the same as if someone copied a load of assemblies onto a laptop and went away and edited a load of them, without even checking them out - which I'm sure is a common thing! Now i need to get that newer data into PDM standard.


what is the best technique for overwriting the files in PDM standard with these newer files?

There are assemblies with some parts that changed, and lots of parts that didnt, etc etc.

Will the links between parts survive?

William Radigan posted a method for identifying WPDM files by edit date here: Workgroup PDM "Date Modified" Hack