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Electrical nodes

Question asked by El Ghali Asri on Sep 4, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by Marc Wilson

Hi everyone, I came here to ask about a specific question in Solidworks electrical. I am using this add-in for 3D mechanical design purpose only and I am facing a small problem.


I try to modelize a full quadcopter wiring system and I want to route the battery with 4 Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC). To simplify I have 5 components represented in the line diagram as 5 connectors. I want to connect 4 of those connectors (4 ESCs) to the one left (the battery) as there will be nodes in the electrical circuit, because one wire going out of the battery will connect to 4 different wires each going to a specific ESC.

The problem is that in the schematic pages, only pin to pin connections are available, and I have to create nodes in my 2D schematic. I also don't get those stories about equipotentialities, terminals per circuit and harnesses...