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My macro doesn't set the right coordinate for my line.

Question asked by Ivan Spikmans on Sep 4, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2017 by Ivan Spikmans

In my macro I create a line but 1 of the coordinates isn't correct.

I want to place 1 point in 0.5;19,3 but in the sketch the point becomes 0;19,3.

The line i use to set 0.5 is --> dX1 = (0.5 / 1000).

And when I run in debug mode it says 0.0005 for dX1 in this line: Set Prt = swModelDoc.SketchManager.CreateLine (dX2, dZ1, 0, dX1, dZ1, 0)

So it filled in the number correctly but SW doesn't seem to recognize it.

Does someone know the problem?