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Design Tree Folders - bodies disappear!

Question asked by David Lewis on Sep 3, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2017 by Bill Toft

I am building a very complicated tubular structure with a lot of planes and sketches, and to keep the design tree organized I decided to drop subassemblies (my word, not a Solidworks term) into their own folders. As soon as I did that with the first subassembly, its solid bodies disappeared from the screen and from the solid bodies folder. I can't seem to locate them or display them. They existed until I dropped all of the sketches, revolves, extrudes, etc. into the folder.


To make it even weirder, a part that I designed separately and imported and also dropped into this folder shows up in the solid bodies folder and displays just fine.


Refer to the pic. How do I see the stuff in the folder "Seat & Mount"?


Design Tree.PNG