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Swirl number calculation; Surface Integral

Question asked by Sungkyun Oh on Sep 2, 2017

Hi guys,


I am working on simulating swirling flow flowing through the circular duct using solidworks flow simulation.

I could get the axial and circumferential velocity values on the duct plane from 'surface parameter' tab on the left of Flow simulation tree.


And what I finally need to calculate is the swirl number, which is defiend as [average angular momentum] divided by [average axial momentum times radius of the duct] on the surface.


Because the average value of momentum is defined by surface integral of momentum flux at specified direction, I believe that if I export the axial and tangential velocity component as excel file and conduct surface integral manually on excel(by multiplying radius for each pixel) I could get the desired value.

But I am not sure if there would be a more easiler way to calculate surface integral without having to export calculated data from the solidworks.


Thanks for reading and thank you in adavance for your supportive help.