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SoildWorks Composer "Import Free Faces" causes translation errors

Question asked by Kray Shivers on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by Clayton Bean

Happy Friday to All,


My Company upgraded our SolidWorks Suite in May to 2017, since then we have had an issue with Composer. It hasn't been until recently that the issue has been consistent. Through numerous iterations of testing and calls to support i have identified that the import option "Import Free Faces" is the cause for the translation error. This would be great to just leave unchecked, but for my company a lot of our purchased components are still surfaces or a mix of solid bodies and surfaces. Leaving this setting unchecked has the potential to create confusion and a layer of complexity as we try to just deal with it and add in the information in a different manner.


I have checked my settings in SolidWorks (inlcuding unchecking Large Assembly Mode and Light Weight Components) and in Composer and i can not see anything that i have missed, maybe i have been working on this too long. So my question to the community is the following

- Is anyone else having this issue?


- Is there a combination of settings that allows you to still import free faces


if you really feel compelled to help me trouble shoot i will attach a list of my composer settings, also attached is the error message.

thanks in advance

you guys are the best