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WANTED: Freelancer to make our models look pretty.

Question asked by Rob Edwards on Sep 2, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by Rob Edwards

Dear Fellows


My company Jack Badger Ltd, is looking for someone to help us with this project.


1. Create realistic SW Appearance files for us (we would like ownership of the files).  We can provide high resolution imagery of raw oak of the suitable grades.

2. Add these appearances to the model below, including the decorative frieze panel (again photography can be provided)

3. Produce a number of renders


Please see images below


If you are interested please e-mail me to discuss further.  Unfortunately the time scales are very tight for the renders (completion within 2 weeks) but in any case we would still want the appearance files.


Alternately you can phone the office and speak to me directly.  +44(0)1457 854440.  Our opening hours are 8am-8pm UK time. 


If possible please send me some examples of work you have done.  This job could be the start of a working relationship for future work.


Look forward to hearing from you





SW Model





Carved Frieze Panel (I'm not going to model that)



Colour Sample, showing quarter sawn panels