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Problem adding and changing block attributes

Question asked by John Vincent on Sep 1, 2017

I have a Block that I want to modify. When I place the Block on a drawing, I get this:




If I click to select it, then click on the Attributes button in the dialog that comes up, a Attributes dialog window comes up. Here are a couple screen shots of some of what it contains:


AttributeWindow.jpg  AttributeWindow2.jpg




There are 27 Attributes. Note that none has Invisible turned on.


I would like to edit some of the existing Attribute Names and add some new ones; however, the dialog window does not allow it.


When I right click on the Block and select Edit Block, all of the Attribute Values disappear making the block appear like this:



I can edit the visible text and change it, and I can select the text fields in the upper and lower parts of the circle:




The text fields in the circle have Attribute names associated with them. The upper one is "DET." as shown in the screen shot above. The lower one is "SHT." I can change their Attribute names and they change in the Attributes. The visible text does not have any Attributes, so changing it does not change the Attributes at all.


With difficulty, I was able to locate where the text field with the Attribute "FIN:"




I have not been able to find the location of any of the other text fields.


Changing the visible text messes things up when the block editing is done:




** Why do all of the text fields for the Attributes disappear when I go to edit the block?

** Is there a way to make them visible when editing the block?
   >>  If not, how can I change the names of the Attributes for the text fields I cannot find?

** How do you add additional Attributes (with text fields to show their Values) to the block?


Thanks in advance for your help.