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    What other software tools/utilities do you use everyday alongside SolidWorks?

    Duncan Gillis

      Have been thinking about starting this discussion for a while with our local user group, but why not start it on the forums!


      The question is what other software tools/utilities do you use everyday in your normal workflow?  Mainly looking for the free ones, or that have free versions to start with.


      I currently use the following almost daily:


      #TASK - Sharp Task - #TASK

      This program allows you to batch run macro's in SolidWorks.


      Greenshot - http://getgreenshot.org/

      Used for screenshots and communicating with others


      Bulk Rename Utility - Introduction - Bulk Rename Utility

      Used to modify files in windows explorer - mainly for files other than SolidWorks


      Ditto - Ditto clipboard manager

      Extension to the standard windows clipboard


      xmind - XMind: The Most Popular Mind Mapping Software on The Planet.

      Mind mapping software


      what ones do you use?

      EDIT: Ensure there are no competitor links.