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Dimensions Disappearing On Drawing

Question asked by Kyle Blough on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2020 by Dan Robinson

Well, I am stumped.  I'm running 2017 sp4.0 with the hot fix and I getting an issue of my dimensions disappearing on my sheet metal flat pattern (only that view).  I've searched the forums but it seems no one has seen this, so I know I have a setting wrong.


Basically what is going on, most of the dimensions I place on the flat pattern will disappear after a rebuild is complete.  They can be placed without issue, moved as as any other day of making drawings.  Do a rebuild and the work disappears.


Things I have checked:

-Layers the dimensions and view are inserted on that are active and visible.

-View sketch visibility is on.  I know this would make the other views dimensions not show/show depending how this is toggled.  This goes along with the rest of the items in this drop down menu.

-Used Hide/Show Annotation command, no dimensions.

-Deleted the view and reinserted the view

-Deleted the flat pattern configuration and then reinserted the view (to make Solidworks make the flat pattern) into the drawing.

-Closed restarted Solidworks

-Restarted my computer


I attached a zip file that contains the drawing and model of the part I am having the problem with.


So in the end, I am no sure what to do.  This needs to be dimensioned but everything but a few will stay after the rebuild.  Hopefully this is a setting I can change and I do not need to redraw the part as I will not have it much longer to redraw from...