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    Sand flow animation

    Lukasz Lurek

      Hi All,


      Is it possible to create material (sand) flow animation using Composer?

      I found plenty tutorials which show fluid flow through pipes/tanks etc. but I need to show "free flow" without any pipe. Like a sand stream pouring into container and filling its shape. Filling sequence is not a big problem but I have no idea how can I show that sand stream when I do not have any route/path.


      I will appreciate any tips or tutorials.


      Thank you,


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          Dirk Rautenberg

          Hi Lucas,

          Composer needs geometry to work. There is no possibility to create FREE material Animation. Pipes and tanks are geometry. So you are able to use textures within this geometric system.

          Water, sand, fire, gas, ... needs something like a free form simulation/animation. If we need something like a free flow, we create the rest of the animation and afterwards we use a particular add-in for Adobe Aftereffects to add this to the avi.



          Here you see screenshot with smoke, water, fire integrated at the end into the video.