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Solidworks 2017 SP4.1 crashes on closing

Question asked by Wayne Schafer on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by Jaja Jojo

Loaded SW2017 SP4.1 was on SW2016 SP3.  Updated video card driver to certified driver on solidworks web site for 2017.  My control panel shows the right dirvers but the Solidworks Rx shows a different video card driver.  Rebooted, no change to Solidworks Rx still show different driver.  When opening an old version of soldworks part in SW2017 and closing part with or without saving, exiting/closing Solidworks it crashes. Reopen solidworks and open part I was last in, close part with or without saving, exit Solidworks and no crash. Any ideas why this would happen.  Did a clean and complete uninstall and reinstall.  Still have the same problem.. Why would the Solidworks Rx not show the right video drivers that are installed?