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Tangent Lines Visible Over Visible Lines when Saving to PDF

Question asked by Brian Poelman on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by Brian Poelman

Hello all,


I have an issue when it comes to tangent lines in on drawings. We normally set our drawing views to display as "Tangent Edges with Font" where it shows tangent edges in grey, phantom lines. This works well enough in the drawing but when we save as PDF, the tangent lines always show up on top of the black visible lines. In some drawing views with many tangent edges, this causes quality issues when printing full size drawings for construction (it just looks funny/bad).


A few additional notes:

1) The ideal solution would be a "draw order" function where I can set visible lines to print over top of tangent edges; however I have never found an option such as this.

2) Another solution would be to make the tangent edges much thinner; however they are currently sent at 0.18 mm and I believe this is the minimum limit for SW.

3) This functionality is somewhat improved if using print to PDF but printing to PDF creates other issues within our company so I'd really prefer not to go this route.


Any assistance on this would be extremely appreciated. Thank-you.