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Issue with the Solidworks Electrial 3D cable routing option

Question asked by El Ghali Asri on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by El Ghali Asri

Hi , despite I am new user of the Solidworks Forum here, I have been using Solidworks for about 2 years now, I have faced lots of problems but this one is completly turning me upside down. 


Ok I find issues with the Solidworks Add-in Solidworks Electrical 3D, I want to modelize a drone (a quadcopter), with its frame, its motors, and all its different wires, and here come the problems. I have followed some tutorials on Youtube and Google in general just to touch a little bit with the Solidworks electrical interfaces and all..., and I have found a lot of "step by step" videos, showing how to actually create a SE schematic and linking it with the 3D assemblies ... But I find an issue when I want to route my cables. They simply don't route when I click the "route cables" option.

I explain more, I had created a project with a Schematic folio. The schematic contains two connectors with 3 circuit each and a 3D part with all its connections points. The problem is that when I link the 3 circuits of both connectors with simple wires the "route wire" option in Electrical 3D works perfectly (not perfectly I still have problems with routing paths and cable radius errors... but it still produces three smouth wires).

But once I integrate all those circuits in a single cable (a cable with 3 circuits) in the 2D schematic, the routing functions all fails to produce a route in the 3D electrical.


Thanks for helping me, this was my first question asked here in this forum, I hope I'll get an answer.