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2017 "referenced document" file loading issue

Question asked by Mike Russell on Aug 30, 2017

As most of us know there is a bug in SW 2017 that slows down opening of assemblies.

The general fix is to kill all of the links in the "System Options/File Locations/Referenced Documents", and uncheck add-ins, Composer and Forum. This does work.


With one major issue, we do not have a vault server and must use the Referenced Documents links so that Solidworks can find the files.

We have been fighting for years trying to get a Vault setup and nothing yet, also our maintenance subscription has lapsed.


So when I open any assembly Solidworks can not find all of the files needed to open! As you can guess causing a lot of time wasted.

From what I have seen in the forums even SP4 has not fixed this issue.


Is there a workaround that anyone can give me to alleviate this issue.




Mike Russell

Jims USA, Engineering Dept.