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Need your help for a SWW Presentation on the best tips and tricks learned in the 2017 WPUCs

Question asked by Alin Vargatu on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2018 by Alin Vargatu

I am thinking of submitting a proposal for a presentation focused on the craziest techniques showcased in the Weekly Power-User Challenges this year.

There is a lot of fantastic stuff in there. The presentation will go beyond the simple workflow and will also present:

  1. "The why" - what goal do we try to accomplish?
  2. "The challenge" - why is that difficult when using standard tools and/or techniques?
  3. "The new original workflow" - presenting the best solutions
  4. "The Pros and Cons" - of each solution presented
  5. Define "Enhancement Requests" for the future functionality of SOLIDWORKS


Do you think such a topic would be of interest to the audience? If yes, why? If no, why?


Please suggest a title for this presentation. Any suggestion would be appreciated.


I would also like to ask now the WPUC winners if they would agree to having their name mentioned at SWW. I am talking about these power-users:


The 1st Weekly Power-User Challenge: Mate a Pin in a Slot

     Winner: John Stoltzfus


The 2nd Weekly Power-User Challenge (April 19th, 2017): Get rid of the rounds the fastest way, with no extra features or exports

     Winner: Ryan Dark


The 3rd Weekly Power-User Challenge (May 5th, 2017): Bend a square profile in multiple directions and determine its flat pattern

     Winners: Dennis Bacon and Ryan Dark


The 4th Weekly Power-User Challenge (May 12th, 2017): Unbend a Bent I-Beam

     Winner: Erik Bilello


The 5th Weekly Power-User Challenge (May 19th, 2017): Straighten an Imported Wire

     Winner: Dan Pihlaja

     Awarded SOLIDWORKS DEMIGOD status: H.E.W. Rob Edwards


The 6th Weekly Power-User Challenge (May 26th, 2017): Apply the Most Elegant Mating Scheme to Emulate Magnetic Attraction

     Winners: Dan Pihlaja and Roland Schwarz


The 7th Weekly Power-User Challenge (June 2nd, 2017): Simulate a Volume Mate (Prisoner in Jail)

     Winners: Josh Brady and Muhammad Aamer

     Special award recognizing brilliance and creativity: Roland Schwarz


The 8th Weekly Power-User Challenge (June 9th, 2017): Reverse Engineering (Surfacing and Direct Editing)

     Winners: Roland Schwarz and Mark Biasotti

     Special award recognizing brilliance and creativity: Dave Dinius and Krzysztof W.


The 9th Weekly Power-User Challenge: Interface in Your Face - Video Competition (Speed and Precision in manipulating the User Interface)

     Winners: Ryan Navarro, Scott Ellery, Alen Topic, Ingvar Magnusson, Daniel Benterman.


Please reply to this tread and let me know if you allow me to use your name or not.