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Tubing connections UI fail :-(

Question asked by Ray Ackley on Aug 30, 2017

I'm trying to make a tube connection between two parts that is a brazed copper tube. This means I'm not dragging and dropping "Tube Fittings" from the routing library as it attaches directly to the part.


Logically, I created connection points on both parts.  However, the UI is super non-intuitive and I'm hoping my frustrations here will help the Solidworks team incorporate some logical improvements in this regard.


Here are a few examples: 


1) Clicking "Start at Point" then attempting to click the CPoint doesn't work.  It won't highlight/select the CPoint. 

  - Remedy:  Click the CPoint first, so it is selected, THEN click "Start at Point".  This creates the start of the tube. 


2) At that point, I start up Auto Route.  It says "Select a point to route from, and then a point, clip axis or line to route to."  So naturally I click the point to route from (the starting CPoint.  All is well so far.  Next step is "...and then a point, clip axis or line to route to."  So I try to select the destination CPoint on the 2nd part.  Won't select.  :-(

  - Remedy: I have to define a duplicate CPoint inside the tube assembly "part" (right on top of the destination part CPoint), via "Add Point".  Then I can select that CPoint. 

  - Problem with remedy - if the destination part moves, the destination point/CPoint stays where it is.