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Family of Custom Profiles

Question asked by Rob Edwards on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by Dave Bear

Morning All


Just starting a new project and thought I'd create some Custom Weldment Profiles.


Here are a couple of them - there are lots more!



As you can see they are similar but too different for a single sketch/ configured.  During development it would be nice if I could link them together.


Is there a nice way to link them so that if I change one the other changes?


My initial thoughts in rough order of preference...


  • It would be really nice if I could use a single configured profile, suppress one sketch or the other?? (doubt possible)
  • Define multiple custom profile sketches in a single part file linked to a master sketch?? (doubt possible)
  • Create multiple part files that each create a custom profile in the context of an assembly containing a master sketch (seems feasible)
  • Do something with a block
  • Create just one profile and mirror it in the part (other variations would need additional features)
  • add relations to the profile sketches in the part that link them together (probably what I'll do)
  • abandon the idea of using custom weldments and make cuts in the part (just use a square weldment profile)
  • create a weldment profile that is the negative space and use a combine/subtract feature
  • manually edit separate profile files


I've not yet tried any of this - hoping someone can chime in with a better idea before I end up in a rabbit hole.


Thanks in Advance