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Tight sheet metal bending - is it possible?

Question asked by Lukasz Stanislawski on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2017 by Bernie Daraz


We are switching to Solidworks in our company. Previously we were using Radan (2D drawings).

We would like to transfer designs into Solidworks. We would like to create 3D models & drawings for laser cutter/punch machine.


I'm struggling with one part which is presented on below pictures. I have managed to create general shape with flat pattern. It has that 90deg bend as last step which is done manually.  As you see its pretty neat tight bend.



I can't model that 90deg bend in SW when I use imported old flatten shape because there is not enough room for bend. I know the part is completely feasible to make on our machines because we already produce it however solidworks requires more space in the corners hence I need to change flatten shape. You can see it on aboves pictures. First 4 pictures shows real object+ flat shape in SW which is almost exact copy of old file. But I can't make the final bend. Last 2 pictures shows edited flat view of a part which can be bend by 90deg in this state.


I don't want to modify old flat shape as I know it works well in production but I can't model it in SW .

If anyone has some ideas how to make such tight neat bend as you see on existing part please let me know.

All features used.