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    No stress continuity at intersections/ T-zones

    Ludivine Fournis

      Hello everyone,

      I have realized the CAD of  a geometry with many intersections / T-zones with 2D pieces under SolidWorks. To make sure the mesh is correct, I have created split lines along the coincidence zone as recommended On many forums to avoid stresses errors.

      However when I get my simulation results, I have no stresses continuity  in these areas.

      Would anyone have a solution to my problem?

      PS: in attachment, an example of an intersection zone and the results of stresses obtained. I display my results of the constraint field in the elements

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          Siavash Khajehhasani

          On 'capture3' image, it is clearly shown that the top/bottom faces of shell are not properly aligned. That's why results in that region are upside-down as if ,for instance, you demonstrate stress results on bottom side of shells. To flip those faces, click on it, then right click on 'mesh', select flip shell.... Furthermore, please pay attention which side of shell (bottom/top) is chosen to be shown for results (eg. stress/strain). You can also render results in 3D.