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Draftsight 2017 SP3 Opens the immediatley closes

Question asked by Alex Doran on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by John Klosowski

Hi there everyone,


After all of the previous truck loads of problems associated with using Draftsight and it's terrible activation procedure, i am now plagued with more problems. One user on Windows 10 Pro x64 developed a bug where Draftsight would open then immediately close after the splashscreen, then another user developed the same problem. Unable to fix the problem even after completely eradicating everything related to Draftsight on the PC - including the SWActivation folder in the registry i am still faced with the same problem.


At a loss we decided to install 2017 SP3 (fresh download from the website) on the users laptop - again Win10 x64, which has never had Draftsight installed before, and the same problem is evident there too. I'm sorry but this is just completely ridiculous, how can a massive organisation like DS not get this right? Why do you even want people to register the software? Now i am having to trying a source cheap AutoCad licenses just to get users up and running again, no time to try a system wipe - although i doubt that would help anyway.