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SW Nonlinear Analysis

Question asked by Kiwoong Paeng on Aug 30, 2017

Before interpreting the designed SCARA robot, a simple scalar robot is being analyzed. I will ask you what happened to the difficult part to solve. The picture below is a picture of a simple SCARA robot.


The picture below is a contact visualization.


The rotation of the robot uses the parallel movement of the constraint, and it rotates by turning the rotation axis.

Below is the value entered for translation. 3.14159266 Radians are the standard and 90 degrees in 0.5 seconds.


Displacement and velocity are as expected from the input values. However, the stress is abnormal.

Below is a graph measuring the stress on the rotating shaft.



As can be seen from the graph, the increased stress from deceleration continues to increase after the stop. And the direction of the stress is also different from what I thought. I thought that the stresses I had when accelerating for the first time and during stopping would be opposite.

I tried to test if the stress would decrease if I increased the time, but the stress continued to increase and the displacement was at rest.

Any advice is appreciated and I would appreciate your help.

The attached file is the part and assembly file. Let's try and wait for your help.