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    The "Kitty Dump"  - **** Top Ten List - VOTE NOW VOTE NOW also vote on SW R&D Allocations **** - Watercooler - Trash it Here - Food For Thought - Talk About Whatever Here ;)

    John Stoltzfus




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      How many times do you see a great thread get trashed or hijacked for various reasons and I'll take the "Stand" and say I'm the worst for doing that.. So when I'm acting stupid tell me to trash it here, get it?? Rants - Cheers - Pet Peeves - or your Aunt Lilly, bring it.. (More then likely the dumbest thread anybody started, but I tried to keep it stupid, stupid) - The Forum Moderators rules still apply, no obscene pics, raunchy language and personal attacks, those will be reported and deleted if not changed...

      (edited 9/13/2017 - Added link Request for Forum Etiquette - Added another link 9/21/2017 Forum filtering )


      To Quote the Great Rick Becker.....

      "When a perfectly valid and good question is asked, the thread gets a lot of great answers and some more questions. Once the questions has been answered to each persons (this includes you and me) satisfaction, we no longer need or want the discussion to continue.
      We get the emails notifying us that another (and another and another and another...) post has been made and we get frustrated with the time wasting and we get snarky.

      The other thing that seems to happen all too often is a post gets hijacked. The discussion moves off of the initial topic (ONE and TWO...) into many sub topics. Sometimes this happens and the initial question hasn't been totally answered."


      Another Great Quote from Dennis Dohogne


      "Hey, SWX guys and gals, what if we used THIS post for some of our more fun or tangential comments so we keep the other posts with more serious discussions from getting distracted/off-topic (polluted)?"

      How about this from BMX'rerer Todd Blacksher


      - In an effort to keep the posts somewhat on topic, and make it easy to pick out the "good information," a couple of us thought it would be a good idea to put in a water cooler. Are you completely confused? It's simple, if there is a thread where we are all helping someone find a solution, and it makes you think of something semi-related, you can say "Head over to "The Kitty Dump"


      We need a good quote from Kelef Man to get it started.....



      Save the Kitty Litter (Google) and Search with dogpile.com - the best search engine in town....




      SolidWorks International Forum Team (SWIFT)

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