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    PDM file name change and equations.

    David Nevels

      When using copy tree with an assembly and changing the file names the file name within an equation is not changing, why?

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          Pete Wetzel

          What version of SolidWorks and EPDM are you running? The below SPR was fixed in 2016 Sp2.


          SPR #: 890936



          SOLIDWORKS PDM - File Operations: Pack and Go from Explorer and SOLIDWORKS PDM Copy Tree breaks global variable equations if copied file names are renamed - References original names.



          Customer use EPDM and the CopyTree funtionality to copy and rename project files containing Global Variables. The exact same issue happens when using the Pack and go option from Windows Explorer RMB menu. Both tools rely on Document Manager API to rename the files being copied. Issue is very similar to previous SPRs dealing with broken equations after using pack and go (SPRs 671712,748415,762535). But Global Variables appear to still have a problem in SW 2015. Reproduced using Windows 2012 x64, SW 2014 SP5 & 2015 SP2.1, EPDM 2015 SP2.1 1. Use pack and go via explorer rmb or copy tree in vault. 2. Copy and rename files to a new folder. 3. Open the copied files in SW, open subassembly that contains global variables. 4. Tools, Equations. The global variables that has equations referencing parent files still reference the original file names and fails to evaluate. Workaround is to run pack and go from within SolidWorks (instead of Explorer) and ensure the copied files are not set as read-only.